The rate of heart beat in human body

Do u know, why doctor use stethoscope when we meet a doctor?
The doctor uses the stethoscope to check the heart beat and can find the problem in the human body with the help of the variations in the heart beat. A lub-dub, lub-dub sound is steadily heard, when stethoscope is used.
Heart is the important part of the body, due to the continue heart beat, there is a continue blood circulation in the body. The doctor uses stethoscope at chest, so that to hear the rate of the heart beat. If the rate of the heart beat is not heard at the chest, then stethoscope is used at neck and other parts of the body to hear the rate of the heart beat. The rate of the heart beat gives same, when it is checked on the other parts of the body as there is a continue blood circulation in the body.
The rate of the heart beat varies with age.
Children below 1 year will have 100-160 times per minute.
Children between 1-10 years will have 70-120 times per minute.
Above 10 years will have 60-100 times per minute.
When we…

Attack on software Engineer

Recently, many attacks are going on against Indians in the other countries especially Australia. The local people are attacking Indians due to the global economic crisis, they say that we are not getting the jobs due to the Indians and are attacking them.
The education system in India, follow high standards, the schools and colleges maintain their standards and Indians are very good at Mathematics. So, Indians are getting offers to work in other countries. But, when these Indians go to the other country to work, they are attacked by the local residents and are treated as racial discrimination.
A recent attack on Indian took place in South Africa. B.Kiran, a software engineer was working in Johannesburg for the past two years. Recently, he had stop working in the company, which he was working and was trying for another job in Johannesburg. He attened for an Interview and got selected for the new job.
when kiran was returning home from office, three unidentified men attacked Kiran and sho…

Serena Williams wins the Wimbledon title

Serena Williams wins the women’s Wimbledon title against her sister Venus Williams on Saturday in London and this is her 11th Grand slam victory. The game ended with 7-6(3), 6-2 in a hour and 27 minutes. Serena played extremely well and dominated in both the sets. Since 2007, it was the first set, Venus was dropped at Wimbledon. This is the third Wimbledon title for Serena. The previous victory to Serena came in 2002 and 2003 and these two were also against her sister Venus. The two had met for the fourth time in final here and Serna leads with three.
After the match, Serena said that, she felt so amazing to win the title, the title which i won now, should be hold by Venus as she always wins the title. The runner Venus Williams said that Serena played extremely well today. I am still smiling as I don’t think the loss has set in yet and I am looking forward for the next year title.
Williams sisters won the Wimbledon titles most of the times in the past years. Serena played against her s…

Yemeni plane crashes in the Indian Ocean

The plane belonging Yemeni state, carrying 150 passengers was crashed in the Indian Ocean, in the early morning on Tuesday. The exact details of the crash were unknown. The place where the crash took place was yet to find out and there is no information about any survivors of the passengers. The plane was going from Yemeni to Paris and was crashed near the Comoros Island.

The ultimate pop star Michael Jackson was dead

The news about the Michael Jackson death has spread slowly through the world, the fans in different countries were been shock by the death of the pop legend Michael Jackson. He was died on Thursday from the cardiac arrest in Los Angeles. Jackson was 50 years old when he was dead. The police are investigating about his sudden death and are questioning the doctor ‘Conrad Murray’ who was there in Jackson home when he fell ill.
It is known that Michael Jackson was under depression from the long time with his mounting debts and he was also addicted to drugs. He used to take different kind of drugs in a day and it became out of control to Michael Jackson to save his life. He used to think always about his debts and decided to take up a new album to clear his debts. His new album is estimated to make millions of money. An Indian-American ‘Deepak chopra’ who was friend to Jackson for the past 20 years and is also a doctor and writer has revealed the facts about the new album. He said that Jack…

Microsoft provides free anti-virus software

The “Microsoft security essential” has launched free trial version of anti-virus software in China, US, Israel and Brazil. This free trial version software is released in order to protect the computer from the basic virus like Spyware, Rootkits and Trojans.
The previous version of Microsoft anti-virus software “Windows Live One Care” was failed to protect the users from anti-virus and became unpopular.
The Microsoft security essential has said that the latest anti-virus software will help the users from the Virus as it is having free security software with windows. The Microsoft security essential also says that this free trial version software can become very popular as it is the advanced software from the previous one.
This free trial version anti-virus software is available in the Microsoft site and the users can download it for free of cost. A total of 75,000 trial versions of this anti-virus software are available in the Microsoft site and this can be downloaded only by the users fr…

Attack on Indian students in Australia

The Indian students who went to Australia to do the higher studies were being attacked by the Australian citizens and are racial discriminated. This attack is very disgrace and the Indian government has took this attack very serious and asked the Australian government to give the safety for the International students. The Australian government has responded to the Indian government and said that this attack was not racial discrimination and also said that they would provide safety to the Indian students.
There are 15 attack cases on the Indian students in less than a month. The Indian students in the Australia took a protest on last week against the attack on Indian students. This protest took place under the guidance of the Indian community members.
In spite of the protest and the Australian government warning against the attack on the Indian citizens another attack took place yesterday. M.A.Khan from Victoria Institute of Technology, who is pursuing hospitality course is the latest v…