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Thuraya- The Satellite phone

The ‘Satellite phone’ is a wireless device, which can be used to make the calls and receive the calls with the help of the signals from the satellite. Every telecom services send some satellites in the atmosphere to form a network. The network will cover the region upto the place of the satellite destination. The region can cover some countries and also some continents depending on the satellite destination, which the mobile company has sent. when a person wants to make a call from the satellite phone,first the signal goes to the nearest satellite to which the phone has registered and then the signal reaches the destination. In general, when there is a problem in the atmospheric conditions the normal phone which we are using may get the network problem but the ‘Satellite phone’ will not get any kind of the problem as the network is based on the satellites.
Internet communication, voice, data transfer, sms, Fax, global positioning system (GPS) are the facility’s, which can be continuous…


The ‘Baseball’ is the national game of the America.The baseball is the game between two teams consisting of 9 players in each team will be throwing a ball and the other team will be batting. The batting team player should hit the ball, which is thrown by the bowling team and he should make the runs by touching the bases.The bases are also called as the Diamonds.These bases consists of four markers,ninety foot square and are at the corner.The batting team player can make the runs by hitting the ball and moving to the bases, he can stand at any base and can wait for the other player to hit the ball and to make the runs. The bowling team players make the batting team players out in several ways by stopping them at the base.After getting three outs by the fielding team, the teams will switch fielding and batting. There will be totally nine innings in a game.Finally, the team with more number of runs will be declared as the win.
There are totally four umpires in the game. One will …

Michael Jackson-The famous pop singer

Michael Jackson was born on 29th August 1958.He was born at Gary Indiana in USA.His father joe is a steel mill crane operator.
At the age of 10, Michael Jackson has signed a contract with Motown records for label boss Berry Gordy.The hits of this chart are ‘Never Can Say Goodbye’,‘I Want You Back’,‘I‘ll Be There’.
In 1971,Michael Jackson has released first single ‘solo song Got To Be There’. This was a great hit and was reached 7th place in uk.
In 1972,Michael Jackson realesed ‘Rockin Robin’. This song reached top in us charts.
In 1978,jackson made debut in bigscreen as a scare crow in Fantasy movie. This movie has hit the box office in collections.
In 1979,Michael Jackson has released first solo album off the wall.This has shown Michael Jackson as the adult performance.This was produced by Quincy Jones.This also made a great hit.
In 1980,he was awarded as the best vocal performance for ‘Dont Stop Til You Get Enough’.
In December 1982,Michael Jackson released his second album Thriller.‘The G…

The big hit movie"Slum Dog Millionaire"

The “Slum Dog Millionaire” movie is directed by Danny Boyle.The movie is nominated for 10 oscar awards in the year 2009.The movie is based on the real story which was happened in Mumbai. The story is about a kid,who attends a show ‘who want to be a millionaire’ and wins it.He is illiterate and uneducated belonging from the slums of Mumbai.The shows ‘who want to be a millionaire’ ends in the first day as the time gets finish.When the time gets finish, he is only short of one question to win the show.As soon as the show ends for the first day the police arrest him.They think that he is cheating the show by using embedded chips in his body and he is getting signals from them.On that night he stays In the police station and was interrogated by the police.Then,he says about his past life and how he answers all the questions.The next day he was taken to the show by the police and wins it.
The Oscar award nominations for the movie “Slum Dog Millionaire” is A.R.Rahman is awarded as the best mu…

Satyam scandal

The Ramalinga Raju is the founder of the india’s 4th largest software company.The company was started in 1987.The twist behind the satyam scandal is the Ramalinga Raju has forged Rs 20crore monthly form the company. He has also said that the employees working in the satyam are 53,000 but the actual employees in the satyam are 40,000.Many bank transactions,transfer of shares and land fraud were done by Ramalinga Raju, then he diverted the money to real estate and benami companies.Raju has confessed 400 benami transactions.The scandal of satyam was started from 2003.
The police has arrested the chairman Ramalinga Raju and the CFO Vadlamani Srinivas for the forged documents.They both are under CID’s custody.Mean while, the Ramalinga raju and Vadlamani Srinivas had resigned from their posts.The police has searched Ramalinga Raju residence,Vadlamani Srinivas residence and satyam offices and seized several documents, computers,laptops and hard disks which could give information about the sca…


When the entire world was eager about the U.S. Presidential elections,Obama has made a history of becoming the 44th president for the America in 2008.An American nun Sister Cecilia Gaudetta who is 106-year old,living in Rome is the oldest person to vote for obama in the 2008 U.S. presidential election.The nun came all the way from Rome to America to vote for Obama. Obama is the son of white Kansan mother and a black Kenyan father. Obama was born on 4th august in 1961. He was born in Honolulu at Hawaii. At the age of 47 he became the president of America.Obama completed his graduation in Punahou school at Hawaii. He got his B.A. from Columbia University and later completed his law degree from Harvard Law school. At the university of Chicago Law school, he was also a lecturer of constitutional law. Obama has taken the oath of 44th president for America on January 20th 2009.More than 2Million people attended to watch the obama inauguration. Former American president George H.W. Bush and …

Plane hit by a bird crashes into Hudson River but every one were safe

A US Airways consisting of 150 passsengers and five crew on the Airbus A320 Plane, hit a flock of birds on January 15 2009. The plane was taking off from New york’s LaGuardia airport.Few minutes after take off,the plane hit a flock of birds.Immediately the pilot radioed flight controllers that the Plane has hit the birds. The passenger said that he has heard a sound like explosion, after a bird hit the plane. The engine blew up and there was a fire in the plane and also a smell like gas in the plane. The pilot said to the passengers the plane was going down and finally pilot made the emergency landing in the Hudson River. Immediately the Federal Aviation Administration came near to the plane and confirmed to get off from the plane. At a speed of 140 knots, the plane has hit the water. The plane was floating in the river with its Belly for sometime after crashing in the river, so it made the passengers to get off from the plane. Everyone was rescued from the plane and a few members got…

The Mystery of Bermuda Triangle

The Bermuda Triangle is also known as the Devil's Triangle. It is located in the southeastern Atlantic coast of the United States of America. It is assumed to be of triangle in shape. The mystery about the Bermuda triangle is that many Vessels,Aircrafts have disappeared from this region. The scientists who went to discover about the disappearance of the things were also been disappeared from this place. Till today,the scientists could not provide the exact explanation for the disappearance of the things. It is assumed that the area of the Bermuda triangle will be approximately 500,000 square miles in the Atlantic ocean.
It is assumed that the Bermuda triangle is present in two places on the earth.One is located in the south east Atlantic ocean of the united states and the other is located at the coast of japan in pacific ocean. The Bermuda triangle present in the pacific ocean is about 110 miles south of Tokyo. Most of the disappearance are from the southeastern Atlantic coast of t…