The ‘Baseball’ is the national game of the America.The baseball is the game between two teams consisting of 9 players in each team will be throwing a ball and the other team will be batting. The batting team player should hit the ball, which is thrown by the bowling team and he should make the runs by touching the bases.The bases are also called as the Diamonds.These bases consists of four markers,ninety foot square and are at the corner.The batting team player can make the runs by hitting the ball and moving to the bases, he can stand at any base and can wait for the other player to hit the ball and to make the runs. The bowling team players make the batting team players out in several ways by stopping them at the base.After getting three outs by the fielding team, the teams will switch fielding and batting. There will be totally nine innings in a game.Finally, the team with more number of runs will be declared as the win.
There are totally four umpires in the game. One will be standing at the catcher end and the other at each bases. Star game and playoffs consists of six umpires, four will be standing at the bases and the other two in the out-field.According to the rules of the baseball, physical contact with the umpire lead to the ejection from the ground.
The 2009 baseball world cup will be held form September 9th to 27th.Totally 20 teams are going to participate.The game will be held at seven European countries.The 20 teams are divided into five groups.
Group A- Czech Republic, Australia, Chinese Taipei, Mexico.
Group B- Spain, Cuba, Puerto Rico, South Africa.
Group C- Sweden, Canada, Netherland Antilles, South Korea.
Group D- Russia, Great Britain, Japan, Nicaragua.
Group E- Germany, China, United States, Venezuela.


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