Michael Jackson-The famous pop singer

Michael Jackson was born on 29th August 1958.He was born at Gary Indiana in USA.His father joe is a steel mill crane operator.
At the age of 10, Michael Jackson has signed a contract with Motown records for label boss Berry Gordy.The hits of this chart are ‘Never Can Say Goodbye’,‘I Want You Back’,‘I‘ll Be There’.
In 1971,Michael Jackson has released first single ‘solo song Got To Be There’. This was a great hit and was reached 7th place in uk.
In 1972,Michael Jackson realesed ‘Rockin Robin’. This song reached top in us charts.
In 1978,jackson made debut in bigscreen as a scare crow in Fantasy movie. This movie has hit the box office in collections.
In 1979,Michael Jackson has released first solo album off the wall.This has shown Michael Jackson as the adult performance.This was produced by Quincy Jones.This also made a great hit.
In 1980,he was awarded as the best vocal performance for ‘Dont Stop Til You Get Enough’.
In December 1982,Michael Jackson released his second album Thriller.‘The Girl Is Mine’ made a great hit for this album.
The Thriller album reaches top in the us album charts on Febraury 1983.This has stayed in the top for almost 37 weeks.‘Billie Jean’,‘Beat It’ songs from this album reached the top place.
In 1980,the album ‘Thriller’ reaches 20 times Platinum status.he has also won 8 Grammy awards in this year.
On Jackson’s life,a number of stories has emerged,that he is living with a pet Chimp called Bubbles.He has also undergone a plastic surgery.
In 1983,he has accepted the sponsorship for the Pepsi-cola.This was the largest individual sponsorship in the history of Pepsi-cola company.
In 1987,Jackson released third album ‘Bad’.This was not as much hit as the previous.After this album Jackson started his world tour.
In 1988,Jackson published his ‘autobiography’ and ‘Moon walker’.
In 1991,Jackson released 4th solo album ‘Dangrous’.In this album Jackson has increased his complexion using skin whitening treatment.The song ‘Dangrous’ was a 11minute video.
In 1993,Jackson performed at the ball for president Bill Clintons’s inauguration.
In 1993,a family of a child accused Michael Jackson that he has sexually abused their child. Jackson was not in USA at that time,he was charged later when he reached the USA.The case was settled as to pay 20m to the child family in 1994.
In 1995,Jackson released ‘Earth’ song.This made a great hit in UK and USA.
In 1997,Jackson married a nurse ‘Deebbie Rowe’ who is pregnant.The son ‘Prince Michael Jackson’ was born.
In 1998,the first daughter ‘Paris Michael Katherine’ was born to Jackson.
In 1999,Deebbie Rowe divorces Michael Jackson.
In 2000,Rolling stone Magazine realeses greatest 100 songs.Billie Jean,Rock With You,Beat It,I Want You Back are the four Michael Jackson songs among the 100 songs.
In 2001,Jackson released the album ‘Invisible’.
In 2002,third child ‘Prince Michael 2’ was born to Michael Jackson.
In 2003,Jackson was arrested for sexually abusing a 14year old boy.
On 21st November 2008,Michael Jackson has converted to Islam and changed his name as ‘Mikaeel’.


Donnalyn Weir said…
really? i didnt knot he was converted to Islam!!
Anonymous said…
i didn't know this either...strange!
Anonymous said…
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