Plane hit by a bird crashes into Hudson River but every one were safe

A US Airways consisting of 150 passsengers and five crew on the Airbus A320 Plane, hit a flock of birds on January 15 2009. The plane was taking off from New york’s LaGuardia airport.Few minutes after take off,the plane hit a flock of birds.Immediately the pilot radioed flight controllers that the Plane has hit the birds. The passenger said that he has heard a sound like explosion, after a bird hit the plane. The engine blew up and there was a fire in the plane and also a smell like gas in the plane. The pilot said to the passengers the plane was going down and finally pilot made the emergency landing in the Hudson River. Immediately the Federal Aviation Administration came near to the plane and confirmed to get off from the plane. At a speed of 140 knots, the plane has hit the water. The plane was floating in the river with its Belly for sometime after crashing in the river, so it made the passengers to get off from the plane. Everyone was rescued from the plane and a few members got injured. They were taken to the newyork hospitals. The temperature on the day was below freezing level. The passengers said,they had heard a sound like explosion, after a bird hit the plane.This is a miracle in the history of America.


its really funny to see such a big plane in the river..........Check me here.
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