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Burj Al Arab- The 7-star hotel

The ‘Burj Al Arab’ hotel is located in Dubai. This is the tallest building in the world. This hotel is built near the Jumeirah Beach on an artificial Island. This artificial Island is 280m from the Jumeriah Beach. The construction of this hotel began in 1994 and was completed in the year 1999. The south African constructor Murray and Roberts built this tallest hotel. The total cost took to built this hotel is US$650 million. The total height of the building is 321m.The Building consists of 9,000 tonnes of steel and 70,000 of concrete. To protect from the erosion the engineers created a large rocks in the surface.
The smallest suite covers upto 1820 sq.ft. and the largest suite covers up to 8400 sq.ft. The minimum cost of the suite is US$1,000 per night and the maximum suite costs at US$28,000 per night. The total of 202 bedroom suites are available in this hotel. According to this exclusive features the ‘Burj Al Arab’ is known as the 7-star hotel, Arab’s also call this hotel as the 5-s…

Sehwag century makes India win the series

The forth one day international match between India and Newzealand held in Hamilton was won by india. The Newzealand team captain Dannian Vettori has won the toss and elected to bat first. Newzealand team made 270 runs in 47 overs. It has lost five wickets to make the 270 runs. McCullum is the top scorer in the Newzealand team, he had scored 77 runs. Later, the Indian team has started batting and the rain has stopped the match, when the India score was 201 in 23.3 overs. Sehwag sore was 125 from 75 balls and Gambhir score was 63 from 67 balls when the rain has stopped the play. According to the duck worth rule the India has been declared as won the game. After winning this game India has won the series with 3-0 against Newzealand.
India has the won the ODI series after 41 years in the Newzealand. The indian opener Virender Sehwag in the India team has made a record century in the ODI match. He has made century, in only 60 balls. This is the fastest century by an Indian batsman. Earlier…

Ice Theraphy

The Ice Theraphy technique is used to make the face glow. When we are working under computer for large hours, when we work under stress, when we get tired, when we go out in the hot climate etc…, our face gets damage due to the stress and pollution in the atmosphere. This reduces the attraction in the face. So, in order to make the face glow, after reaching the home take a little amount of ice and a clothe. Keep the ice on the face and rub it gently with the clothe. This makes the face fresh and removes the dust which was on the face due to the pollution. To make the eyes clean, keep the ice water on the eyes for 30 seconds and remove it. This makes the face glow and keeps the eye clean. This process is also a natural process without any Medicine. This process not only make the face fresh but also keep the mood fresh of the person.