Ice Theraphy

The Ice Theraphy technique is used to make the face glow. When we are working under computer for large hours, when we work under stress, when we get tired, when we go out in the hot climate etc…, our face gets damage due to the stress and pollution in the atmosphere. This reduces the attraction in the face. So, in order to make the face glow, after reaching the home take a little amount of ice and a clothe. Keep the ice on the face and rub it gently with the clothe. This makes the face fresh and removes the dust which was on the face due to the pollution. To make the eyes clean, keep the ice water on the eyes for 30 seconds and remove it. This makes the face glow and keeps the eye clean. This process is also a natural process without any Medicine. This process not only make the face fresh but also keep the mood fresh of the person.


Robin said…
I had never heard of this. Thanks so much for letting me know. I will have to try this.
Cacai M. said…
Nice info. I will try this. btw, sure I am happy to know the x-link. I will put you on my roll once I see mine on yours. Thanks a lot. muahhugs.
Cacai M. said…
HI, am here again, done adding yours. Thanks a lot. muahhhugs. see yah around..
shaine said…
yah! its refreshing specially if you used some cold cucumber or potato, i put first in the ref to coll a little bit.

thanks for sharing

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