What u see here is a photo taken from the top of the world’s tallest building, Burj Dubai. People working on the top floors of the building, as u can see in the picture say that they can see the rotation of the earth.
Burj Dubai is the tallest skyscraper in the world ever made by mankind. Construction work for the building is in verge of completion. They have completed 160 floors and now building four steel framed communications floor and a steel spire above it. The Burj Dubai stands tall at 818 m(2,684 ft) which is 300 m more than the previous world’s tallest building, the Taipei 101.The Burj Dubai tower will be inaugurated on 09.09.2009.The building will comprise of hotel, hotel residences, apartments, offices.The skyscraper is being build by Emaar properties and its design is influenced from an asian plant, Hymeocallis.
The foundation slab for the tower is laid in 80,000sqft area and the piling is 50 m deep.The tower will set a new world record in vertical concrete pumping in any type of construction.It will also have the world’s highest elevator installation. The tip of the spire on the top of the tower can be seen by a person 95km away.


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Tower is very imposing. I like it
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That awesome .. but it will stand up .. as long as peace come to Arabic
doctor in pink said…
all I can say is: WOW! I wish I could go there. :(
wish i could go to dubai someday and enjoy the view
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