Film stars turn into a flop stars.

The 2009 elections held in the Andhra Pradesh, help the congress government to retain the power. The competition was held between three major party’s congress, T.D.P and P.R.P. The film star Chiranjeevi has made a debut in politics in 2009 elections. He has formed a party P.R.P, and made himself as the president of the P.R.P, so that if he wins in the elections, he can become the chief minister of the Andhra Pradesh.
On the other side, the T.D.P. president Nara Chandrababu Naidu was scared that the people will vote to the P.R.P. by seeing the glamour of the Chiranjeevi. so he thought that, he need a glamour to his party and called the film stars Balakrishna and Jr.N.T.R. to support his party. As Balakrishna and Jr.N.T.R are the relatives of the T.D.P. president Mr. Nara chandrababu Naidu, they had supported his party. Mean while, the Eenadu editorial Ramoji rao has made a worst comments on the congress government and were publishing anti against chief minister Mr. Y.S.Rajasekhara reddy in his News paper as congress government was against the illegal business of Ramoji Rao in Margadarsi chit funds.
In spite of the, glamour from the film stars and the anti publishing news by the Eenadu newspaper made nothing to win the congress government again. The people vote to the congress government and formed the congress government in the state.
They are total 294 seats in the assembly, among which the congress has won 157 seats to form the independent government in the state. The people had given a right judge of voting to the congress party and making Y.S.Rajasekhara reddy as the Chief Minister again. The actors turned politicians have thought that, the people will elect them by seeing their glamour. Despite, the good work done by the Y.S.Rajasekhar Reddy to the people and to the state made him as the chief minister again.


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