The Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) leader Prabakaran was shot dead by Sri Lankan army on May 17th 2009, when he was trying to escape from a bus. The LTTE was started from 1976 against the Sri Lankan civilians who are not providing the equal rights to Tamil’s in the Sri Lanka. Currently, LTTE is called as the terrorist group. LTTE started it attack on the Sri Lankan government and the Indian government by suicide bomobing, suicide belt bombing and plot bombs in the official places. Many people from Sri Lanka were died from the attack of LTTE. The Indian Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi was also assassinated by the LTTE on 21 May 1991at Sriperumbdur which is 30km away from Chennai, when he was conducting a public meeting.
The Sri Lankan army started attacking the LTTE from the beginning when they started, the war was finally came to an end on May 17 2009 by the assassination of the LTTE leader Prabakaran. The Sri Lankan President declared on Saturday that the LTTE war came to an end by the assassination of the Prabakaran. During the period of the LTTE war, many Sri Lankan political leaders were shot dead by the LTTE. On Saturday, the Sri Lankan people started celebrating when they heard the news of the Prabakaran assassination.


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