Attack on Indian students in Australia

The Indian students who went to Australia to do the higher studies were being attacked by the Australian citizens and are racial discriminated. This attack is very disgrace and the Indian government has took this attack very serious and asked the Australian government to give the safety for the International students. The Australian government has responded to the Indian government and said that this attack was not racial discrimination and also said that they would provide safety to the Indian students.
There are 15 attack cases on the Indian students in less than a month. The Indian students in the Australia took a protest on last week against the attack on Indian students. This protest took place under the guidance of the Indian community members.
In spite of the protest and the Australian government warning against the attack on the Indian citizens another attack took place yesterday. M.A.Khan from Victoria Institute of Technology, who is pursuing hospitality course is the latest victim of the attack. The two persons wearing hooded jackets attacked the khan while he was walking in the eastern suburb of Melbourne. The two persons gave strong blows on the khan face and ran away. After 10 minutes the police reached the place with the ambulance and took khan to the hospital. He got multiple stitches to the face, his forehead was injured and cuts below the eyes.


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