Microsoft provides free anti-virus software

The “Microsoft security essential” has launched free trial version of anti-virus software in China, US, Israel and Brazil. This free trial version software is released in order to protect the computer from the basic virus like Spyware, Rootkits and Trojans.
The previous version of Microsoft anti-virus software “Windows Live One Care” was failed to protect the users from anti-virus and became unpopular.
The Microsoft security essential has said that the latest anti-virus software will help the users from the Virus as it is having free security software with windows. The Microsoft security essential also says that this free trial version software can become very popular as it is the advanced software from the previous one.
This free trial version anti-virus software is available in the Microsoft site and the users can download it for free of cost. A total of 75,000 trial versions of this anti-virus software are available in the Microsoft site and this can be downloaded only by the users from the countries of China, Brazil, us and Israel. This trial version anti-virus software will be released in the other countries later in this year.


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