Attack on software Engineer

Recently, many attacks are going on against Indians in the other countries especially Australia. The local people are attacking Indians due to the global economic crisis, they say that we are not getting the jobs due to the Indians and are attacking them.
The education system in India, follow high standards, the schools and colleges maintain their standards and Indians are very good at Mathematics. So, Indians are getting offers to work in other countries. But, when these Indians go to the other country to work, they are attacked by the local residents and are treated as racial discrimination.
A recent attack on Indian took place in South Africa. B.Kiran, a software engineer was working in Johannesburg for the past two years. Recently, he had stop working in the company, which he was working and was trying for another job in Johannesburg. He attened for an Interview and got selected for the new job.
when kiran was returning home from office, three unidentified men attacked Kiran and shot him. Two bullets were hit in his stomach, he was admitted in the hospital. The reports, say that he is out of danger.
The people who attack other country citizens, should be strongly punished, then only the attack can be avoided.


josie said…
I thought racial discrimination is a thing of the past, yet it still happen everyday.
cornyman said…
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madz said…
I agree in your last statement:

"The people who attack other country citizens, should be strongly punished, then only the attack can be avoided."
Anonymous said…
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