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North Korea successfully completes second Nuclear Test

In spite of international warnings to North Korea against Nuclear test, it has successfully conducted another missile test on Monday. The North Korea officials say that the underground Nuclear test was conducted successfully on May 25, 2009. The test was taken in a high level security measures, so that no damage occurs to the people. As the test was conducted successfully, the North Korea Scientists and Technicians were happy and they said that this could help to develop more defense power in the future to the North Korea. Few of the North Korea people who are staying in SEOUl are against this nuclear test as it would create lot of the changes in the environment and also leads to the Disasters in the earth.
The American President Obama, warned the North Korea for it’s second Nuclear test and North Korea won’t receive any help till the United Nations Security Council lifts the ban on North Korea. The Asian country’s strongly reacted against this Nuclear test. China, Russia, Japan were o…

Deccan chargers wins the second Indian Premier League

On Sunday night, the deccan chargers made a triumph in the second IPL against Bangalore Royal Challangers. This was the 59th match in the tournament.
Earlier, Bangalore Royal Challengers won the toss and elected to field, Deccan chargers started their batting with slow Run rate. They lost the captain Adam Gilchrist in the very first over in the Anil Kumble over. Herschelle Herman Gibbs was the high score for the Deccan Chargers, he made 53 runs from 48 balls. Finally, the deccan chargers made 143 runs from 20 overs with the loss of 6 wickets. Anil Kumble has took 4 wickets from 4 overs and gave only 16 runs.
Later, Bangalore Royal Challengers also started their batting with a low run rate, they scored well in the middle overs but lost the wickets so early, so finally Royal challengers could score only 137 for the loss of 9 wickets in the 20 overs. Pragyan Prayash Ojha has took 3 wickets from 4 overs and gave 28 runs. Finally, the deccan Chargers won the match with 6 runs.
Last year, the …

Brazil was hit by a worst rain fall

For the past one month, the northeastern Brazil is filled with water due to the overflow of the rivers. As the water has entered in most of the homes, more than 260,000 people were evacuated their houses. The rain water is more in the tropical region of Brazil, the government buildings, schools, houses are filled with water. The schools and government offices are closed more than a week. It was difficult to remove the water due to the showers in the recent days. However, the Brazil authorities say that the water level is reducing day by day.
The ‘Trizidela do Vale’ town is the most affected place due to the water. This town is not so developed to reach the minimum requirements, the people in this town are suffering due to the lack of insufficient mattresses, food, medicine. Till now 45 deaths have been reported due to this rain water in Brazil. The “Trizidela do Vale’ town has received $2.5 million as the relief fund, but, this is not enough to recover back, it needs more relief funds…

A United Kingdom mother gives birth to six children at a single pregnant operation.

A women from British has given birth to a six children, with five minutes gap for each child on Friday. Through Cesarean section the children were born. She has given birth to two boys and four girls. The doctor’s said that all the six children are safe including the mother. The medical staff still not yet released the names of the father and mother.
Last year a women from California in America has given birth to eight children at a time, and made a record.


The Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) leader Prabakaran was shot dead by Sri Lankan army on May 17th 2009, when he was trying to escape from a bus. The LTTE was started from 1976 against the Sri Lankan civilians who are not providing the equal rights to Tamil’s in the Sri Lanka. Currently, LTTE is called as the terrorist group. LTTE started it attack on the Sri Lankan government and the Indian government by suicide bomobing, suicide belt bombing and plot bombs in the official places. Many people from Sri Lanka were died from the attack of LTTE. The Indian Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi was also assassinated by the LTTE on 21 May 1991at Sriperumbdur which is 30km away from Chennai, when he was conducting a public meeting.
The Sri Lankan army started attacking the LTTE from the beginning when they started, the war was finally came to an end on May 17 2009 by the assassination of the LTTE leader Prabakaran. The Sri Lankan President declared on Saturday that the LTTE war came to an end …

Film stars turn into a flop stars.

The 2009 elections held in the Andhra Pradesh, help the congress government to retain the power. The competition was held between three major party’s congress, T.D.P and P.R.P. The film star Chiranjeevi has made a debut in politics in 2009 elections. He has formed a party P.R.P, and made himself as the president of the P.R.P, so that if he wins in the elections, he can become the chief minister of the Andhra Pradesh.
On the other side, the T.D.P. president Nara Chandrababu Naidu was scared that the people will vote to the P.R.P. by seeing the glamour of the Chiranjeevi. so he thought that, he need a glamour to his party and called the film stars Balakrishna and Jr.N.T.R. to support his party. As Balakrishna and Jr.N.T.R are the relatives of the T.D.P. president Mr. Nara chandrababu Naidu, they had supported his party. Mean while, the Eenadu editorial Ramoji rao has made a worst comments on the congress government and were publishing anti against chief minister Mr. Y.S.Rajasekhara redd…


On April 30th 2009, Mexican ‘s were found to have a symptoms of suffering from a new disease and 8 of them were died. After the medical research, it is found that the new virus has entered into the humans from the pig. This virus has spread very fast in 12 countries and killing hundreds of people in a short period.
The world health organization has declared that the new disease ‘Swine Flu’ is caused by pigs and made a pandemic alert. Different countries have started takings precautions of medical test in the airport for not entering the virus in their countries. If any person is found to have the symptoms of Swine Flu disease, then they are kept under Medical observation.
The symptoms of swine flu disease are sore throat, body aches, headache, fever, chills, cough, fatigue vomiting and diarrhea. It is observed that the people, especially farmers who are close to the pig in farms get infected easily. Anti viral drugs are used as the treatment for the swine flu disease. The pig which is …


What u see here is a photo taken from the top of the world’s tallest building, Burj Dubai. People working on the top floors of the building, as u can see in the picture say that they can see the rotation of the earth.
Burj Dubai is the tallest skyscraper in the world ever made by mankind. Construction work for the building is in verge of completion. They have completed 160 floors and now building four steel framed communications floor and a steel spire above it. The Burj Dubai stands tall at 818 m(2,684 ft) which is 300 m more than the previous world’s tallest building, the Taipei 101.The Burj Dubai tower will be inaugurated on 09.09.2009.The building will comprise of hotel, hotel residences, apartments, offices.The skyscraper is being build by Emaar properties and its design is influenced from an asian plant, Hymeocallis.
The foundation slab for the tower is laid in 80,000sqft area and the piling is 50 m deep.The tower will set a new world record in vertical concrete pumping in any…